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    TURBO ROVER set of outdoors, leisure in the integration of international brand that originated in the United States the outdoor sports the passion and love.logo is a stretch of three peaks, reflecting the TURBO ROVER freedom, power, roaming the brand attributes, but also a symbol of continued challenge and go beyond the spirit of the brand.
    TURBO ROVER, safe and comfortable fashion professional outdoor sports equipment manufacturer. all product development are derived from the requirements of outdoor enthusiasts, from professional designers from around the world.over the years, popular outdoor sports enthusiasts at home, products exported to the country and around the world. outdoor equipment, strong development team, a world-class materials, near-perfect detail, the most rigorous technical testing and field testing to ensure, to make our products more confidence to face any adverse environmental challenges.

    TURBO ROVER gathered here a group of outdoor enthusiasts, although it has enjoyed with the same winning concept, make life more natural and less stress.choice involved in travel, to experience physical pleasure of intimate contact with nature.

    To help people liberate themselves, return to nature, living more healthy!

    We are still young, there are going to achieve the dream, far from easy to simply choose the trials and hardships.



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